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Internships, training teams, and other placements. Opportunities range from one month to a year.

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Play a part in reaching Africa’s unreached while serving alongside seasoned missionaries.  If you have a Great Commission heart and are eager to learn more about your place in missions, a short-term assignment is a great place to start.


AIM’s Short-Term internships offer hands on, real-world experience, cross-cultural ministry exposure, and supervision and mentoring from experienced missionaries. Most of our teams also qualify as internships. Contact us about customizing an internship to meet your school’s requirements.

Training and Mentoring Programs

Learn and grow under experienced leaders and with like-minded teammates at your side. AIM’s Short-Term Mentoring Programs include guided involvement in outreach among unreached peoples, introductory training in cross-cultural work, and personal spiritual development.

Individual Placements

Bring your gifts, talents, and calling to a personalized short-term placement working alongside long-term missionaries. Talk to us about how your interests can be matched to real needs on the field.

Short Term ministry plays an important part in the bigger story of missions. Learn more about the value and impact of serving Short Term.

Meet PJ, the Short Term Guy for AIM. PJ shares his story into missions and shows you how you can take that first step too.

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*Note: The application deadline for summer programs is January 15

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